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Carr wants to motor on

FORMER Ireland international Stephen Carr wants to carry on his career for another season - his 20th in senior club football - but has yet to be offered a new deal by Birmingham City.

Carr, 35, was a key figure for Birmingham in their failed bid to reach the Premier League before injury ended his season, but he's out of contract and facing an unsure future, given the uncertainty at Birmingham over the club's owner..

"Of course I want to play on. My knee's fine and I think I've got another couple of years left in me," says Carr, who made his league debut with Spurs in 1993.

"You do have to have some luck with injuries and just unfortunately for me I missed the last few months after I hardly missed a game in the previous seasons.

"We've spoken about a contract, but there's no news, I'm still waiting to see what's going to happen."