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Bring on the Reds

NOEL Hunt will face Manchester United for the first time in his career at the Madejski Stadium tomorrow with no fear.

But Hunt is still upset that he hasn't grabbed Giovanni Trapattoni's attention even though he is living the Premier League dream.

"It was a bit of a kick in the teeth when I didn't make the squad for the Greece game. I think I had just scored in three games in a row for a Premier League team, which is a big deal, but then the squad was announced and I wasn't even on stand-by," said Hunt.

"It's disheartening but you have to use things like that to motivate yourself. You have to try to channel that in the right way on the field, make people notice you and prove people wrong.

"International football is the peak of it all and I would just love to be part of it.

"But I'm looking forward to the United game as I haven't played against them before. I played against Man City and some of the other big boys but not United. Playing United in the Premier League, it's the stuff you always wanted in your career,"

"Going up against United is not a problem for us. It's a massive challenge and we are underdogs, no one is expecting anything from us.

"Everyone in the country expects us to get beaten apart from the people in our dressing room and that's all that matters to me."