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Brady is confused over City

SHAY Given will seethe quietly on the bench while Manchester City face Timorsoara in Europa League action tonight while Joe Hart bangs a few more nails into his Manchester City coffin.

While Stephen Ireland's kicks the Eastlands dust off his heels at Villa Park and looks forward to a reunion with Richard Dunne, Given is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Sources close to Given have confirmed that Ireland's No. 1 netminder is seeking a move but with the clock ticking and City unwilling to do business with Arsenal, his options are narrowing.

Gunners' Academy boss Liam Brady is confused by Manchester City's actions but not surprised.

"Nothing surprises me in football anymore. Nothing will surprise me with what happens at City. They have made no bones about it -- they are trying to buy the title," said Brady, in Dublin for tonight's Platinum One Challenge featuring the Manchester United and Arsenal reserve teams.

"I would have thought if they were going to win the title they would need two excellent goalkeepers. I was a bit bemused by Mancini saying that Shay could go.

"I thought he would have said Shay would have to fight for his place. I don't know what Man City would do if Hart got injured and Shay wasn't there. They would leave themselves looking a bit foolish."

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