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Bohs ready to revert to part-time

BOHEMIANS could decide within days to abandon full-time football and revert to a part-time status as the implications of Tuesday's disastrous exit from the Champions League hit home.

This summer could be the last in Europe for Bohs for some time. The club are today assessing the damage of that dismal 4-0 defeat to Welsh side TNS and even this morning it was suggested that the playing squad would be made available for transfer.

The Bohs board will meet tonight to count the cost. Bohs boss Pat Fenlon may sit in and the club will then summon their 500 members to a meeting as early as next week to let fans know just how serious the financial plight is.

Defeat to TNS cost Bohs at least €500,000, but the club could have landed up to €1 million, even if they lost to Anderlecht but drew a big side like Liverpool in the Europa League.

Today, there was a body of opinion on the board that full-time football can no longer be sustained without the injection of European cash and unless members are willing to contribute an immediate cash injection in the form of donations or loans, the club could be forced to go part-time.

"We can't afford full-time football and if the board agree on that tonight, we will put that to our members in the next few days. We can't go on like this on our gates and with our income," one Bohs director told the Herald today.

Captain Owen Heary said: "It could be the end of the road for some players at Bohs and I think the players don't realise that."

Bohs boss Fenlon has already admitted that Bohs need to decide what direction to take now.