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Billion euro farce

BILLION euro blunderers Manchester City are just one more bad result away from Champions League humiliation and Roberto Mancini is feeling the heat and blaming his players.

Mancini needed a soft penalty and Mario Balotelli to scrape a draw against bright and breezy Borussia Dortmund and keep club owner Sheikh Mansour, who has invested €1 billion so far in Manchester City, off his back.

"I know the problem and I will solve it very quickly. It's my job," said a fuming Mancini after an awful performance in a 1-1 draw with the German club.

"If we don't improve it could be difficult to qualify. We didn't play well. I'm really disappointed. Joe Hart saved us from defeat.

"We deserved to concede three or four goals. We didn't play well because Borussia Dortmund played better than us," he said.

"They probably at this moment are a better team than us. If we want to play in the Champions League we have to play better. We have to run and fight. It's not enough to just have quality."

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