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Big Sam wants to be loved


Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce pocketed £6m when he was shown the door by Everton but I guarantee you that the money will not replace what he craves most.

He wants to be loved and accepted as a manager of consequence.

He will never have that now and he's been given plenty of chances, for all his moaning over the years about the lack of opportunities for English managers. He will never have it because he's not very good at the job.

He got the England job and blew it and when Everton needed someone to come in and stand between the club and relegation, they turned to Allardyce and even opened the cheque book.

The fact that Steve Walsh, head-hunted from Leicester, seems to have done most of the spending didn't help Allardyce but by the time the season was done, Everton fans had had enough.

He promised them attractive football but delivered lifeless stuff after a brief spike in results when he first arrived and once the fans understood that relegation would not be an issue, I think they were already thinking about who would replace Big Sam.

It turns out the Everton hierarchy were on the same wavelength.