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Best 'must change' to get Irish call

GIOVANNI Trapattoni has told in-form Newcastle striker Leon Best to change his attitude or forget about playing for Ireland for the foreseeable future.

"We have three or four strikers with other qualities than Best," said Trap. "He knows why I need another attitude from my strikers. You can score goals but we are a team and everyone on the team must work.

"We cannot have players who stand and wait for the ball," he said, making it very plain indeed what he feels about Best's work rate.

Trapattoni's second big message at the start of a big week focused firmly on the aggressive nature of Andorra's approach to international football. He will be more than delighted if Ireland take three points and bore the pants off everyone.

"The performance is not important. The result is," said Trapattoni. "It will be a very difficult game. Andorra play in this little pitch and they have a very, very aggressive mentality.

"I saw them play Russia and Armenia. It was impossible to play well because the ball was bouncing badly but we can adapt.

"In international football, you need this personality and mentality, and this 90 minutes we have to do a little bit more than what we have done in the past. We have the possibility to play well and a good result would be a boost."