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Barton: I'll Tweet my mind

JOEY BARTON has told the English Football Association that they have no chance of making him censor his outspoken Twitter comments.

QPR captain Barton claimed yesterday the FA had tried to get him to moderate his language on the social networking website but insisted he had no intention of doing so.

The 29-year-old, who held a recent meeting with the English game's governing body, told the Professional Players Federation conference: "I feel that the FA came to hush me down or make me not have an opinion.

"If they came to do that, they picked the wrong person, because there's no way I can be like that. If I didn't have an opinion, I'd cease to exist."

Barton, who has become one of the biggest football personalities on Twitter, added: "If I was to go out and pass comment and say, 'Everyone join this bondage club', then I think we would have an issue.

"But I'm going on there to have an extension of me.

"It sounds really bad when you say it because it just makes you think of Nazi Germany, but it is a propaganda machine. Social media is a propaganda machine."