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Barry wants United final

MANCHESTER City midfielder Gareth Barry is dreaming of an all-Manchester Europa League final.

Both sides are locked in a titanic struggle for the Premier League and the former Aston Villa striker wants their battle to extend to Europe.

“They are always fantastic games and if that means us getting to the Europa League final and meeting them (Manchester United) then it would be a fantastic day,” he said.

“There's still a lot of football to be played but it would be a fantastic occasion.

“When we came out of the Champions League and into the Europa League the manager made it clear that he wants to win it and that's where we are at the moment.”

Although they are focusing on the Europa League, Barry also explained that they also have their full concentration on the league race with their rivals. “It is set up brilliantly especially with our game against them but there is so much football in between that so we have to concentrate on ourselves,” he explained. “We've not been winning games expecting (United) to slip up, we are winning games because we know we have to.”