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AVB: 'Drama' over United results is nothing


DRAMA: Andre Villas-Boas

DRAMA: Andre Villas-Boas

DRAMA: Andre Villas-Boas

Andre Villas-Boas thinks he had much more drama to deal with at Chelsea than David Moyes is currently having to endure at Manchester United.

Moyes has had to put up with a degree of criticism since he took over as United manager after he oversaw a poor start to the season. The Red Devils have turned a corner of late, but they still sit in eighth position, eight points behind leaders Arsenal.

Similar expectations fell on Villas-Boas' shoulders when he took charge at Chelsea following his success at Porto, but his reign lasted 257 days after a schism emerged between the young manager and some senior players at the west London club.

When asked whether there had been too much "drama" over United's start to the season, the Tottenham manager said: "Drama enough? I don't think so. For the champions of England to sit in their position I don't think there has been a lot of drama, to be fair. I was involved in another club before and there was much more drama surrounding my results than Man United's results."

Villas-Boas visits Moyes' old club Everton tomorrow hoping to build on the momentum gained in back-to-back wins over Hull.


Tottenham were in the midst of a strong run last season when they visited Goodison Park and all looked to be going well when the Londoners took the lead halfway through the second half.

Everton hit back with two late goals to steal the victory, however.

Those three points would have been enough to edge Tottenham in to the Champions League last term, so Villas-Boas knows his team cannot afford to throw points away again this season.

"We've spoken about (last year's) result as the deciding factor for us not making it into the Champions League because everything changed quite dramatically," Villas-Boas said.

"It serves us as a lesson to be kept aware of and it's not something we want to see again."

Andros Townsend has recovered from his nasty fall against the Tigers last weekend but will play wearing a protective splint on his arm.