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Anton: Furore has been 'crazy'

ANTON Ferdinand has spoken publicly for the first time since he found himself positioned at the centre of a race row, and has referred to the events of the last week as "crazy".

The QPR defender was the subject of an alleged racial slur by Chelsea and England captain John Terry during a stormy game between the two sides last weekend.

Terry has denied any wrongdoing, but the Football Association are investigating the claims, while police are also involved after receiving an anonymous complaint. Ferdinand is preferring to concentrate on football, with QPR heading to Tottenham this weekend, although he does concede recent days have been different.


"The last few days have been crazy," Ferdinand said. "But I'm looking forward to Sunday's game and fully focused on football. Anyone who knows me will know that football's always my number one priority."

Ferdinand has refused to talk about the alleged incident, but has thanked his peers, at other clubs and at QPR, for the support they have shown him.

"I'd like to thank players like (Blackburn's) Jason Roberts for the support they have given me," he added. "Not just professionals at other clubs but my team-mates at QPR.

"Having team-mates around you like I have is nice to feel, and nice to see."

As part of their investigation, the FA will speak to both Ferdinand and Terry, while other QPR and Chelsea players could be called upon.