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Angry Giovanni set to sacrifice a striker

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI is not happy with his troops and will spend the next four days hunched over a DVD player trying to make sense of what he clearly believes was a botched job against Hungary.

It took just a few questions to turn Trap from a calm septuagenarian |into an angry man and it looks like someone will pay the price before Croatia.

He said: “When we meet a team with one striker, we are always in too much difficulty. To have a balance, we have to give up one striker or put one more in midfield.

“In the past, I know this difficult. I will speak with the team and I will show them our difficulty because we need to take the decision to sacrifice a striker. We need to change the situation. Spain play with one striker.

“We were a little bit lucky because in the first half, our opponents deserved to score a minimum of two goals. Only our goalkeeper saved us, Shay Given.”

That, proof of John O’Shea’s fitness, and the result were the only positives to emerge from Ireland’s visit to Budapest, in stark contrast to the ultra-positive message which came after a week in Montecatini.

And when Trapattoni was pressed further on the detail of what he needs to do to avoid a repeat against Croatia, he blew his top completely.

“I said, I have to review our game,” Trap stressed. “We have a week to discuss this. It is my duty to change this. We must understand why this happens. I know before why.”

The rest of the press conference descended into mild chaos with some journalists shouting for clarification.

When Trap was finally asked why, if he knew previously that Ireland had a problem facing this formation, he had waited this long to try and solve it, he left the press room and unanswered questions behind.