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Andrews sees spirit as main stipulation for Irish

KEITH ANDREWS says he doesn't care where Ireland's players come from as long as they contribute to the team effort.

"The biggest thing going for us is the spirit in the squad," says Andrews, who won his 27th senior cap against the Czech Republic last week.

"We work really well as a team because if you look at the squad, players come from all over the place. They come from the Championship, lower down the Premier League and guys now playing in America. It's not as if we choose from the top four in the Premier League, but when we get together there is a great bond between us.

"There is a mix of boys born in Ireland, like myself, and others who are maybe second generation. But that has never been an issue for us, as soon as someone comes into the squad they buy into what we do.

"Once players become involved they become a big part of the squad," added the West Brom man.