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All our meandering Robbie has to do is just go away and dream it all up again

THE young Robbie Keane was a lucky lad. Not, for him, the constricting affliction of being devoted to one team, and one team only. Nor the weekly torment of asking yourself why, oh why, did you blindly follow the lead of your older brother by supporting a team of has-beens.

Robbie was not alone a lucky lad but a clever clogs too. He could have his choice of clubs in every country -- his very own Terry's All Gold selection box (not to be mistaken for a John Terry's All Wag selection). Robbie didn't have a dream as a young cartwheeling wannabe; he had lots of dreams. And as he moved into adulthood, he kept living them.

"When I used to kick a ball around in the back streets of Dublin, I could never have imagined that one day I would pull on the legendary blue and black striped shirt of Inter Milan. It is every kid's dream come true" -- thus Robbie regaled us as a 20-year-old rising star almost 10 years ago.

"I would specifically like to thank (Spurs) chairman Daniel Levy for understanding that, as a fan, joining Liverpool is a lifelong dream of mine and one I couldn't let pass me by" -- eight years on, and Robbie is still living the dream.

"It's been no secret over the years that I am a Celtic fan and one day I'd love to play for them. I'm lucky to be coming here at a good age" -- King Keano, fast approaching 30, finally achieves his career-long ambition.

Wherever next? "When I was a youngster, I always dreamed that one day I'd follow the lead of my boyhood idol Kevin Moran, sampling the bright lights of La Liga with my beloved Sporting Gijon." On second thoughts, maybe not. In the meantime, Curve Ball wishes our nomadic hero all the best (and maybe even an elusive first league bauble) in his latest big adventure and here's hoping that his Hoop Dream doesn't turn into an Anfield-esque tale of Paradise Lost.