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On-target Dunlea fires fantastic 501 for Leinster elite class victory

PHILIP DUNLEA of St Brendan's in Woodbrook produced a stunning 501 from a possible 600 to win the elite class at the first Leinster Schools archery shoot of the year, hosted by St Michael's College, in Dublin.

ALSO shooting from 18m at the elite target, with its 40cm inner gold circle, was ex-St Brendan's student Sean Tobin who scored 472 and Oisin Cleary of St Michael's, a Herald Schools Sports Star of the Week last season, who has been promoted to elite from the 'A' grade.

For the 'A' grade archers, the inner circle measures a slightly more visible 60cm and scoring 514 for victory was Aaron Kennedy of St Brendan's.

Despite not getting much opportunity to practise, Julianna Huggard of St Columba's scored 482, and also won the senior hot shot.

So many beginners turned up for their first shoot that they were divided into two groups.

A determined Ken Dolan won the 'A' group, while Fueiko Dello Asemota topped the 'B' group.

Leinster Schools Archery Indoor Shoot Rd 1, St Michael's, Ballsbridge, Dublin - Elite: 1 Philip Dunlea (Maynooth) 510; 2 Sean Tobin ( St Brendan's) 472; 3 Oisin Cleary (St Michael's) 400.

A: 1 Aaron Kennedy (St Brendan's)414; 2 Julianna Huggard (St Columba's) 482; 3 Emmett Byrne (Mt Temple) 479.

B: 1 Ryan Smith (St Brendan's) 367; 2 Ross Mitchell (St Brendan's) 329; 3 Jonathan Doyle (St Brendan's) 312.

C: Ross Murphy (Oatlands) 499; 2 Niall Lawler (St Michael's) 412; 3 Eliott Margot (St Columba's) 261.

D:1 Adam McQuillan (St Michael's) 317; 2 Graham Buckley (Oatlands) 305; 3 Christian Bongo (Oatlands) 294.

Beginners - A: Ken Dolan (Blackheath) 313; 2 Santiago Arriba Derendo (St Brendan's) 282; 3 Matthew Kane (Blackheath) 216. B: 1 Ifueiko Dello Asemota (St Columba's) 239; 2 Celine Klee (St Columba's) 193; 3 Soran Higgins (St Columba's) 185.

Hot shot - Senior: Julianna Huggard. Junior: Celine Klee. Teams - 1 St Brendan's 11; 2 St Columba's 9; eq3 St Michael's and Oatlands 6.