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Hot-shot Bryer on target at Michael's

GIRL power ruled at the November Schools Archery Indoor Shoot hosted by St Michael's College in Dublin's Ballsbridge last Saturday.

Competing in the 'A' grade both Megan Bryer and Julianna Huggard not only finished first and second but won promotion to the elite class with scores of 499 or more.

The pair were closely matched, with Huggard, from St Columba's College, managing to shoot exactly the 499 she needed. She also held her nerve in the hot shot, winning this knock-out competition for a third consecutive time this season.


Bryer, the younger of the two and a pupil at Gael Coláiste de hIde, produced a magnificent score of 512 out of a possible 600. The pair are the first girls to qualify for the elite grade in some years.

With Sean Tobin and Philip Dunlea, both St Brendan's, on international duty at the Junior Euronations in the Netherlands, the elite category was wide open. Winning with a score of 419 was Aaron Kennedy of St Brendan's. Ross Murphy of Oatlands, who started the season in grade 'C' and was competing at the smaller elite target for the first time was second with 385.

Producing an excellent score of 412 to win grade 'B' was Niall Lawlor of St Michael's. That won his promotion to the 'A' grade for the next competition. Coming second was Jonathan Doyle of St Brendan's.

Another archer to win promotion was Shane McCabe of St Michael's.

His score of 403 meant he was a clear winner of a closely fought 'D' grade, ahead of Carl McCabe with Graham Buckner of Oatlands just beating Donnacha Horgan from St Brendan's for the minor placings.

In only his second shoot, Jack Stokes of St Columba's won the beginners' grade with a score of 386. Stokes also won the junior shoot.

Showing the steady increase in standards, St Michael's and Oatland both ended up on seven points in the team competition.

With two wins and a third place, St Michael's edged out Oatlands who had three seconds and a third.


Schools Archery Series Rd 3, St Michael's, Ballsbridge

Elite: 1 Aaron Kennedy (St Brendan's) 419, 2 Ross Murphy (Oatlands) 385.

A: 1 Megan Bryer (GC de hÍde) 512, 2 Julianna Huggard (St Columba's) 499.

B: 1 Niall Lawler (St Michael's) 412, 2 Jonathan Doyle (St Brendan's) 297.

C: 1 Ken Dolan (Chanel) 335, 2 Eliott Morgan (St Columba's) 328.

D: 1 Shane McCabe (St Michael's) 403, 2 Graham Buckner (Oatlands) 374, 3 Donnacha Morgan (St Brendan's) 371.

Beginners: Jack Stokes (St Columba's) 386.

Hot shot - Senior: Julianna Huggard (St Columba's). Junior: Jack Stokes.