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Scary Dubs


DESSIE DOLAN has admitted that facing Dublin in full championship flow is a "frightening" experience.

The 14-year veteran rates the current Westmeath squad as among the best prepared he's ever played with but he still fears the consequences of a bad start when they tackle Jim Gavin's 1/10 favourites for a Leinster SFC semi-final place next Saturday night.

"The thing with Dublin is if they open up and play football against you, which they have been doing all this year, it's frightening. And Croke Park is the worst place to be when they're running rings around you," said Dolan.

"I can't say we're definitely going to beat Dublin, that's just foolish! I'd just be fearful that they steamroll us." Dolan is hoping that this evolving Westmeath are rewarded for their huge efforts.

"The younger lads have a great hunger, their preparation is very good, there's no one shirking responsibility," he enthused.