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Ryan's line on the privilege of the jersey

EAMONN RYAN agrees with Elton John. "It's No Sacrifice."

"There's too much talk of the sacrifices the players have to make in the GAA today."

Eamonn says that in Cork the girls get no expenses. They get nothing. And that the gate is always open if players don't want to stay.

"But, of course, every coach and manager wants their players to stay. And you do that by always trying to put on good sessions for them. It's like in business, you want people to come back to you."

Eamonn was speaking at the Ladies Football First National County Management Workshop at the Croke Park Hotel.

"It's all about the players. It should never revolve around the coach. I think that's the key to good management," stressed Eamonn.

And that is certainly the approach that has proved successful for Eamonn and Cork. Those Leeside legends would swim the Channel for him.

He was the guest speaker at the seminar which was entitled 'Inside the mind of a Champion.'

Mark Rodgers, the sports psychologist, delivered an excellent workshop. One of his messages dealt with self-thoughts: "If you have better thoughts, you have better actions."