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Wolfish anniversary for DLSP

In September 1985 (25 years ago), a team wore the proud colours of De La Salle Palmerston for the first time, as Palmerston FC and De La Salle RFC became the first two rugby clubs in Ireland to merge. The inaugural game was against the Wolfhounds -- who had a number of Ireland and England internationals on their team at Kilternan, both teams lined out as follows:

DLSP: K Tobin P Vaughan, M Mann, A O'Connor, B Noble; C Dunn, B O'Connor; P Mc Cabe (Capt), B Morris, B Kennelly; T Leggett, F Keane; P Nugent, R Kevany (RIP), M Kennedy.

WOLFHOUNDS: J Barry (Cork Con); J Carlton (Orrell/England), J Sexton (Dublin Univ/Ireland), B Mullen (Dublin Univ/Ireland), P Kurarangi (NIFC); P Dean (St Marys/Ireland), S Smith (Sale/England); T Clancy (Lansdowne/Ireland, H Harbison (Bective/Ireland), D Fitzgerald (Lansdowne/Ireland); N Redman (Bath/England), N Ridgeway (Wanderers); D McGrath (Old Belvedre), P Kenny (Wanderers/Ireland), N Mannion (Corinthians/Ireland).