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We're behind players all the way

THREE Heineken Cups and three Celtic League finals in four years, but one loss away to Connacht and it all counts for nought supposedly.

Our 'soft centre' has returned with a vengeance we're told. Never mind the absences through injury, never mind the disruption caused by national squad sessions, never mind the further injuries once the match had started, and never mind the insult implicit to a Connacht side who worked their backsides off for a deserved win.

We were poor against Connacht. There's no avoiding it. But you know who won't be avoiding it? Our players.

They know what they did and they know what needs to be done to put it right. And they know that we are behind them all the way.

Because what we have learned from this team is that anything less than excellence on the field is unacceptable, and we will reflect that excellence off the field.

So when the Leinster play Munster on Saturday, the 12 County Army will be behind them every step of the way, every tackle, every ruck, every break and every kick. The Leinster supporters will be there with them, and we will let them know that we are there with them. Allez les Bleus...