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Wax off for Tallaght!

LADS and Ladies, time to put your bodies on the line for Tallaght RFC. However instead of doing it on the pitch, this time you can do it from the (relative) comfort of a beautician's chair in the Old Mill Pub in Tallaght.

The fundraising committee is looking for 15 brave men (or women) to volunteer for our 'Wax the boys' night on November 23.

Here is how it works: Fundraising is by way of the usual sponsorship method – each volunteer will be provided with a sponsorship card and with a target of raising €100 each.

You can nominate any part of your body for waxing (within reason) but obviously the more painful the target area the more generous the donation should be! The event will be held in the Old Mill Pub. For information contact joe@leaders.ie or lorrycleary@gmail.com or nominate yourself on the club's Facebook page.