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Vixens spread the word of women's rugby in Wexford

Wexford Wanderers were established 1924 and the women's rugby team (who are know as the 'Vixens') started in 2007. They are now looking forward to their third season and are pleased to boast a senior and a junior team as well as a few minis this season.

The past two years have seen some of their players selected to play for Leinster U18s. They are actively involved in promoting women's rugby in both primary and secondary schools in their area as they plan to have a girl's underage system from ages eight to 16 in place over the next few years.

The women's team are active in all aspects of the club from coaching the minis to getting involved in all fundraising events. Last year also saw the girls getting involved in the community by participating in the local St Patrick's Day parade and coming away with a special award. When not on the pitch they can be found supporting the senior men's team.

The coaching staff consists of head coach Noel Ferguson, who is also the Leinster YDO (youth development officer) for the area, and assistant coach Fintan Bolger; there are many other members of the club who, when not playing, will be found helping out with coaching and matches. A lot of time and effort has gone in to developing ladies' rugby in Wexford. This primarily started with Noel Ferguson who has promoted the sport in schools. Along with Noel's work, the Vixens call in to schools to promote the game.

This decision came about with a number of players leaving to go to college, and from talking to girls around Wexford they noticed that most girls were apprehensive about joining. They had the impression that you had to be well-built to play, and also that it was a dangerous sport. Vixens decided that sending girls from all positions would give a better understanding to students that anyone can play rugby. The girls also answered any questions the students had about safety. As a result of Noel's dedication and the hard work of the Vixens, the numbers playing ladies rugby in Wexford has grown and the team is thriving.

Training takes place on Wednesday and Friday nights at 7.30pm. All new players are welcome (no experience necessary). For more information contact: captain Barbara Hamilton on 085-7540210 or women's rep Debbie Carty 087-7449117.