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The rankings race explained

IRELAND have to finish the November Series in the top eight of the IRB world rankings to be in tier two for the draw for the 2015 World Cup draw on Monday, December 3.

As things stand

(rankings in brackets)

Tier 1: New Zealand (1), South Africa (2), Australia (3), France (4).

Tier 2: England (5), Argentina (6), Ireland (7), Wales (8).

Tier 3: Samoa (9), Scotland (10), Italy (11), Tonga (12).

(Tier 4 and Tier 5 are made up by qualifiers)

Weekend results that would see Ireland drop to Tier ThreE:

1. If Ireland lose to Argentina . . . Ireland will fall to ninth in the rankings regardless of other results and will fall to tenth if Scotland beat Tonga.

2. If Ireland v Argentina a draw . . . Ireland would fall to eight in the rankings automatically and fall to ninth if Samoa win or draw against France.

(3) If Ireland, Wales and Samoa win . . . Ireland would fall to ninth with Wales going to seventh unless they win by less than 15 and Samoa win by more than 15 points.