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St Mary's women continue to soar with second team

The women's rugby team has long added to the vibrancy of St Mary's RFC, with last year seeing the much-publicised 10-year anniversary of their participation in the club.

Indeed, women have been active in St Mary's for many years, but this was an opportunity to celebrate the success and skill displayed on the pitch and to promote and strengthen the women's section.

In conjunction with this proud anniversary, the club oversaw the introduction of a second women's team.

Mary's have always been renowned as a nursery for Irish and even Lions teams.

Now their newly formed Girls Youths Rugby team can count Irish caps such as Paula Fitzgerald and Gill Nolan among their heroes at the club, not to mention their extensive provincial caps, too many to mention.

Currently, Mary's women have a team in AIL Division 1 and also a J1 developmental team.