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Santa Sabina blitz is a hit

WITH Christmas just around the corner it was a great time to have the first ever Santa Sabina internal blitz with over 70 first year girls.

The school had just completed a six week Play Rugby scheme where many had experienced the game for the first time. Over the preceding six weeks you could see then difference from start to finish. They had learnt all the skills necessary to play the game and this was certainly evident.

The games started off great with some really good skills on show and you could see the girls were really enjoying the games.

A massive thank you must go to all the teachers and to Glenn Predy of Leinster Rugby for the coaching work done.

If any other schools, colleges or community groups in the Sutton area would like to participate in similar programmes please contact Glenn Predy on 086 3994839 or email on SuttoniansCCRO@leinsterrugby.ie