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Pupils in a spin as tag blitz touches down in Mullingar

Mullingar recently held a tag rugby blitz in glorious sunshine at Mullingar rugby club. This was a fifth and sixth class blitz and was represented by many schools in the locality. The schools that participated in the blitz were: Gainstown NS, Curramore NS, GaelScoil an Mhuillean, St Coleman's NS, St Kenney's NS, St Mary's CBS and All Saints.

The day started cold with a little bit of frost present, however the day, like the rugby, warmed up very quickly. A great day was had by all as each team had about eight games to play. The standard of rugby was very high and the visiting referees (YDOs from other areas) were very complimentary about the standard and conduct of all the children.

There were five pitches in constant use for a two-hour period and, with excellent co-operation from the teachers, everything went smoothly and to schedule. The scores were not recorded as the aim was simply to have an enjoyable day with good interaction between the schools.

On leaving the club grounds all the children were saying how they loved the blitz and were asking when the next blitz will take place. A similar event will be held soon for the fifth classes and there will be a Westmeath blitz to be held on March 24. This will include teams from the Mullingar, Streete and Moate areas.