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Player ratings

ROB KEARNEY - Safety personified at the back. Strong in contact. 8

FERGUS McFADDEN - Muscular in defence and tidied loose ball. 7

BRIAN O'DRISCOLL - Just the usual magnificence you expect. Super-human effort. 9

GORDON D'ARCY - Worked his socks down to his ankles until forced off. 8

ANDREW TRIMBLE - Did not thunder onto the ball like he can. Resolute. 6

JONATHAN SEXTON - His first line kick went for 60 metres. Took it from there. 8

CONOR MURRAY - Brave to a fault. Rescued dirty ball. First Test try. Better box kicks. 8

CIAN HEALY - A world-class prop. Does it all. Simply immense. 9

RORY BEST - The physicality of a warrior. Another world-class operator for his all-round play. 9

MIKE ROSS - An incredible scrummaging performance after period of inactivity. 9

DAN TUOHY - Worked hard. Conceded silly penalty. Not quite there yet. 6

DONNACHA RYAN - What a demon in the trenches. Obvious leadership qualities. 9

KEVIN McLAUGHLIN - Provided an edge on the fringes and direct go-forward. 8

SEAN O'BRIEN - The work-rate was huge. He never stopped carrying for the hardest yards. 9

JAMIE HEASLIP - Undoubtedly his best performance of the season. A Lion in the tight. 9