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My Devin stands out from crowd, says WAG Mary

Standing at 6ft 10in and weighing nearly 18 stone, monster Leinster forward Devin Toner has a tendency to stand out from the crowd.

And now the Herald can reveal the normally shy woman behind the giant Kildare man.

His other half of nearly five years Mary Scott (23) gave the inside scoop on one of the country's best known athletes, joking that he and his Irish teammates are "kept in better shape than premium race horses".

With this weekend's Heineken Cup quarter-final clash against Leicester just one day away, the boys in blue are heating up for one of the biggest matches of the year.

But Mary, who takes part in the upcoming TV3 programme Head Chef, admitted she has never been a rugger hugger, and that she only became a fan of the game since her relationship with Devin.

"I am gearing up for the weekend, I think we're getting a box, which is apparently very nice," she said.

"The majority of the time you're sitting in the seats, freezing your a*** off, just thinking, 'Oh God, is he still moving?'

"I have been known to cheer for the wrong team and look at the wrong side of the pitch. But it's confusing when you have two teams both wearing blue," she joked.

"Dev is second row so he is literally hooshed into the air to catch the ball, but then afterwards they just drop him.

"The girls laugh at me, because I forget there are other people around and I will start screaming at the pitch," she added.


And Mary also gave an insight into her rugby beau's special diet.

"Before a big game, he will just eat loads of carbs, essentially a massive bowl of carbs.

"I mean, you have to go 80 minutes of being completely annihilated on the pitch, so you need your energy.

"There's a lot of pasta, and a lot of chicken, and there's usually enough to feed a small family. They always eat really healthily, there isn't really the opportunity to be over-indulgent.

"I mean, they go in and have their body fat pinched by calipers on a monthly basis."

Mary is more than qualified to comment on food as she is training as a chef in top eaterie Chapter One, and also trying her hand at reality TV in TV3 show Head Chef alongside Conrad Gallagher.

And the cooking queen said she and her other half have to fight for time in the kitchen.

"I think he'd be a brave man to complain about my cooking. I do a fair bit of cooking, but Dev does a fair amount himself, he could cook me under the table," she said.

"His mum and everyone in his family are big foodies so he picked up a good bit there.

"Sometimes we'll pick out a cookbook and do it together, if we get a day off together, which is rare."

The Navan native said she is dreading seeing herself on television as she says she had some cringeworthy moments on screen.

"I've done other things I'm absolutely cringing about, I really hope they edit it. Aside from that, I'm just terrified when a camera comes on me," she said.