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McFadden: We are chasing our tails in the League


Fergus McFadden

Fergus McFadden

Fergus McFadden

Fergus McFadden (left) is the latest Leinster man to have the lights turned out on him from Kyle Eastmond's shoulder accidentally finding his jaw.

The wing looks highly unlikely to face The Dragons given how he was, by his own admission, "out cold" for the first time in his career.

"It is a physical game and the collisions win rugby matches these days. Legitimate hits inside the rule book people want to see them 100 per cent.

"I don't think anyone, unless they're going to a UFC match, wants to see anyone getting knocked out on a rugby pitch.

"You could see the Bath guys were even distressed when that happened to me."

The immediate concern shown by Matt Banahan and soon after by Eastmond reflected a human side to what is a gladiatorial profession.


McFadden was reminded of the 'lights out' blow at Matt O'Connor's post-match video review which is apparently an all-inclusive experience.

"In fairness to Matt, he'll tell you what he wants, what he thinks is good, what is bad. He'll also take everyone's opinions on board. You know, 'what do you guys think?' He'll open it up to the floor."

There will have to be gains made against The Dragons in Wales on Sunday.

"In fairness, they had a good result last week against Cardiff in The Challenge Cup and their tails will be up after taking that record away from us in The RDS. That aside, looking to get revenge against Dragons is pointless. We'll just need to look at it as another team and know every single point from now on is huge for us.

"We're chasing our tails in the League. It's got to be at least four, maybe five points against Dragons, if we're going to look to get back into the Top-4."