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Leinster: We're no threat to the Dubs

LEINSTER have reacted strongly to suggestions from Dublin GAA that they are guilty of 'subliminal exploitation' of Dublin's blue jersey.

"We are not trying to capitalise on the city. Leinster rugby is a 12-county identity. It is about province, not county," said Communications Manager Peter Breen this morning.

"My first reaction is how strange is the timing and the tone of the review. We don't see ourselves as a threat, never have. Every sporting organisation in Ireland has a duty to encourage and promote the expansion of their sport.

"We are very proud of our own amateur ethos, enriched by the club and schools system, and the professional arm of rugby, represented by Leinster in this province. It generates a profile locally, nationally and internationally.

"The players and staff were hugely inspired by the performances this year of the Dublin footballers and hurlers."

The employment of Dublin stalwart Bryan Cullen has been seen in some quarters as an example of Leinster Rugby eating into GAA resources.

"He was the most qualified person for the role, irrespective of where he comes from, what he plays or who he plays for. I am surprised that has become an issue," said Breen.