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Lads will be going hell for leather

What a weekend we have in store! I can honestly say that even though I am not playing I'm extremely nervous and excited about the match against Clermont this weekend with close to 45,000 Leinster supporters screaming the house down to add to the occasion.

With so much on the line and with both teams being able to take a stranglehold of the group and put themselves in a great position coming into round five and six with a victory, there is no doubt that both teams will be going hell for leather at each other.

So to last week's game. Although we didn't get the win, it showed that we can put them under pressure and break them down.

It also showed how dangerous they can be if they are allowed to dictate the pace of the game and control possession for long periods. Also, it was great to see some of the less experienced guys put down a marker and really show what they are made of.

That's great news for the future of the game in the province, not that any of us who play week in, week out with these guys thought it would be any different.

I did say last week to beware of an Irish team playing with the underdog tag and I think that I'm right in saying we definitely gave them a fright in their own backyard.

That's something that doesn't happen that often to them. They were just off the back of beating European aristocrats Toulouse the weekend before, so we are talking about a high quality side here.

What was very evident to me was the size and power they possess in all facets of the game.

I was extremely impressed with how they were able to hold onto the ball for long periods, something I think we will have to try to stop this weekend if we are to come out on the right side of the result. How do we do this? That's a tough question to answer and it's something I know the boys will have been asking themselves this week in the build-up.

I know from talking to some of the lads about the game that they felt at times we maybe gave them too much respect.

That perhaps we sat off them a little bit too much in defence, which at times can play into their hands because they like to build pressure by holding onto the ball for long periods of time.

So I would expect the lads to try to get off the line and into their faces a bit more and I expect the collisions will be massive. Although, from what I could see, that aspect won't need to change from last week.

There was no doubting the teams' commitment to the cause last weekend, and there were bodies strewn across the field at the end of the game from both sets of players after what can only be described as a battle.

From our perspective, I think that when we have the ball we will definitely be trying to hold onto it for longer.

I just feel like we have to really trust in our ability and go at them like we did last week from the very start of the game.

The team who holds back on the weekend will be the team that comes off second best in this encounter. And if you ask me I just can't see our guys giving them an inch to work with.

So it's time to let our actions do the talking!