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JSS on course for rugby renaissance

Sports Dept. Head, John Scottus School

Following a number of meetings with Colin O'Hare (Leinster Rugby Community Rugby Officer) in November, a four-week rugby programme was implemented with the 2nd and 3rd year boys at John Scottus School. The programme was a resounding success.

The boys themselves enjoyed being exposed to what was, for them, a 'new' sport and were quite quick to pick up the basic skills. Colin took a very measured and sensible approach to coaching the group. Colin allowed them to play and get a feel for the game before splitting them up and getting them to break down the skills one by one.

Over the four weeks, the boys progressed through the basic techniques and rules of rugby and by the end of the programme the group were able to play an organised game using all they had been coached.

As the sports teacher, I was able to learn a huge amount from Colin on how to coach the game of rugby and have taken drills and coaching points to use for the rest of this school term.

For JSS, rugby was the main sport between 1992-97. The school then moved away from it due to lack of numbers and the inability to put a group of 15 players on a field in a competitive fixture. To this day, we are still facing the same problem. While there is a lot of support from myself, parents and other teachers for rugby, it will take time -- along with support and initiatives from Leinster Rugby -- to allow this to take place.

Colin, for his part, could not have done any more to promote the sport within the school. We hope to continue a fruitful relationship with Colin and Leinster Rugby.

Thank you for all the help and support you have provided to JSS.