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Joey's movement is fit for NFL


Joey Carbery

Joey Carbery

Joey Carbery

Nick Winkelman, the IRFU's Head of Athletic Performance and Science, has nominated Joey Carbery as the standout example of an Irish rugby player with the attributes needed to make it in the (American Football) NFL.

Winkelmann worked for ten years for EXOS, a private company, which supports all professional athletes, especially those dedicated to the grid iron.

He was predominantly committed to working with players moving from College Football to the National Football League, via the NFL Combine.


This is a series of tests, capturing an array of measurables, such as speed over 40 metres, for an athlete to promote his chance of making the NFL.

In his time, Winkelman also provided off-season support to 210 then active NFL players, the most prominent example being the Houston Texans three-time defensive player of the year JJ Watt.

In other words, he knows what it takes to make it.

"I have observed someone like Joey Carbery and the way he moves in space," started Winkelman.

"Now, he might need to get a little bigger for the position I'm thinking of, in terms of muscle size.

"You are looking at a defensive back type of position, as a corner, the way he moves and owns space.

"I think he would do very, very well for himself," said Winkelman.

"On the offensive side, he would play slot receiver.

"When I see someone that can own space, the way he can, and his lateral movement, how sudden he is (moving) forward.

"That is what you need to be successful in the NFL.

"He is one of multiple examples, but the one that stands out in my mind, especially as an up-and-coming player," he added.