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'Gospel according to Joe' is intense


Rory O’Loughlin is getting used to the Joe Schmidt method

Rory O’Loughlin is getting used to the Joe Schmidt method

Rory O’Loughlin is getting used to the Joe Schmidt method

There is the intense scrutiny of life inside Ireland camp at Carton House.

And there is life outside it, back at Leinster, where Rory O'Loughlin will look to take his 'work-ons' out on The Dragons in the PRO14 League tomorrow night (KO7.35, TG4).

The outside centre has taken up the slack left by Garry Ringrose's rehabilitation from shoulder surgery this season ahead of Ringrose's return this week or next.

O'Loughlin hasn't done too badly either, coach Joe Schmidt letting him down gently with the news it was "a very close call" for Ireland in November.

The 23-year-old is desperately keen to add to the 18 minutes he got against Japan in the summer.

The Gospel according to Joe is just that for every Ireland international.

"You realise very quickly when you go into a camp, he's not going to say something you are doing wrong without having proof of you doing it wrong," said O'Loughlin.

"He will show you a number of times that you've done it wrong to highlight it.

"His analysis of the game and every minor detail of the game is insane.

"It would make you concentrate on everything you do. That's why his teams are so successful.

"His training sessions are so intense that, if your body position is in anyway off, be it in a made-up ruck or running a dummy line, he will let you know about it.

"It is a different environment to in here (Leinster) in that way," he said.

"It is all minor details that he focuses on because international rugby is a step up and those minor details do have repercussions."

And O'Loughlin can't wait to get back there to work on the insanely intense details.