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Give social media a try

Leinster Rugby are delighted to announce a seminar titled 'Social Media' on Wednesday, September 26 in the Leinster Rugby office in UCD.

It will be conducted by Leinster Rugby staff Mark Quinn (marketing executive) and Jack Hanratty (community rugby officer) and will focus on social media websites Facebook and Twitter. Jack said: "It is our aim to try and develop and guide clubs about this valuable tool." Participants will learn how to create and establish Twitter and Facebook pages for their team/club and the best ways to maintain and publicise them.

When: Wednesday, September 26th at 7.0pm. Where: Leinster Rugby, Newstead Building A, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4. Who: Any club rep who would like to take on the challenge of social media

Cost: Free

How to register: E-mail mark.quinn@leinsterrugby.ie