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Fitz believes he belongs at No15

Luke Fitzgerald has sent out a message loud and clear to Ireland's injured full-backs Rob Kearney and Geordan Murphy. He wants the number 15 jersey on a long-term basis.

"I think I can put pressure on the coaches to keep selecting me there once everyone is fit," he voiced. "Hopefully, I will get another opportunity this weekend. I feel very good. It is just a matter of getting more touches on the ball."

The growing consensus is Fitzgerald as a centre or a wing rather than a full-back. He does not agree with this opinion.

He added: "I am really happy with how I am progressing. I feel I am getting more comfortable in the position. There have probably been a few occasions where my accuracy in the air needs to improve. There are one or two (high balls) a game I should be getting.

"That is something I have been putting a big focus on in training. I'm putting in the time to get better at that. It is not an area I feel is weak in my game. It is an area where there are one or two things I am not doing. It needs to be improved.

"Other than that, I am doing the right things. It is just a matter of getting more touches on the ball. In attack, I feel a lot more comfortable and stronger every time I get the ball."