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Feek tips White for Irish cap


Greg Feek

Greg Feek

Greg Feek

Greg Feek (pictured) moved north to become Leinster scrum coach in the summer of 2010.

By November of that same season, he had been seconded to the Ireland roster as consultant scrum coach - whatever that is - making the grade as the exclusive national scrum coach this season.

Capped ten times by the All Blacks, the former prop also played 63 matches for Canterbury Crusaders in the Super-14.

He knows his stuff.

He knew it when Michael Bent was dropped in behind enemy lines without a parachute for instant international status against South Africa in 2012.

The simple fact was Mike Ross had gone down and there was no one ready to stand up after Tom Court was turned inside-out at Twickenham the previous season.

Bent became the target of abuse for those who held the opinion this made a mockery out of what it meant to play for this country.

The Leinster prop must have felt a little like an innocent bystander at a drive-by shooting. With one difference. The hail of bullets was coming in his direction.

"It's two years ago. You look at who has come through and who has been here for a length of time and grown because they have been in Ireland," said Feek.

The ongoing concern over the fitness of Ross and the absence of Martin Moore make another Kiwi Nathan White favourite to make his international debut against South Africa, on foot of three years spent between Leinster and Connacht.

"Nathan White only signed for one year and then he got better with being in Ireland, playing in a full-time club, playing in European competition to be the point where he is now almost a fully fledged international player," Feek said.

"He's got a lot of knowledge on a lot of the south hemisphere guys. He played down there for a number of years.

"He brings a massive work rate. That's one of our pre-requisites to have guys there that work their butts off and Nathan does that at scrum time and around the paddock. His tackle stats are up there and Les has been impressed with all that.

"What he brings is that he can get on with that and he can lead, he's been a captain of a Super 15 team (Waikato Chiefs) and of Connacht. His leadership is huge.

"He doesn't talk too much. He just gets on with it and says some really good things.

"Hopefully, the Stephen Archers and Rodney (Ah You) and other guys will learn from it as well and bank it."