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England are 'bad losers' - Ferris

IRELAND flanker Stephen Ferris has turned up the heat for the St Patrick's Day finale at Twickenham by calling last year's Six Nations champions England "bad losers".

"I suppose if you ask any team, they'll probably all say the same thing," said the Ireland flanker.

"For me, I think they're a good side and they're a team full of winners, but when they lose they don't like it. You know, they're bad losers and hopefully they'll be bad losers on Saturday."

Ferris said that he has become friendly with a lot of the English players in recent times, but he does admit that they have earned a reputation for arrogance.

"I suppose they come with a bit of a tag of being arrogant. But I've been on the Lions tour in 2009 and I got to know a few of the lads.

"I've a lot of respect for all of them, I got on well with all of them and actually became good friends with some of them as well.

"It's two good teams going against each other and we'll have respect for them.

"But we're also looking forward to trying to get that result.

"You ask any team who do they like beating and it's always the English. I think I've had so many beatings from them growing up at underage level. Every time we played with U18s, U19s, U20s, whatever, we were always on the receiving end of a thumping."