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Edenderry put shirt on success

CONGRATULATIONS to Edenderry RFC, who were successful in their bid to acquire a signed Leinster jersey.

The club are currently committed to two development initiatives that the sale or auctioning of the jersey may help fund further.

Firstly, Oaklands Community School took their first tentative steps into rugby last season with the support of CCRO Patsy Gorman.

This year, the school have affiliated to Leinster Rugby to play in Branch competitions and have purchased a set of rugby jerseys.

This is the first time a secondary school in Edenderry has embraced rugby and the development of the game in Oaklands will be of enormous benefit to Edenderry RFC as they develop their youth section.

Secondly, in a further commitment to youth rugby, the club executive identified the need to support and develop coaches at this level so that they, in turn, could better coach their players.

To this end, Dermot Blaney was approached and appointed.

Dermot was part of the Leinster U19 coaching team that won the Inter-provincial Championship in 2011.

He also leads the coach development programme at Terenure College, with who he has won two Leinster Schools Junior Cups (2009, 2010).

In his role with Edenderry, Dermot works closely with the coaches and players before, during and after their training sessions to develop coaching knowledge and skills that will hopefully lead to a sustained and quality learning environment.

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals. Despite not winning the signed jersey, some of the initiatives being run are excellent value and there's no doubt clubs will benefit from all this good work.