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Dunne: Ringrose is ‘O’Driscoll-esque’


STAR: Garry Ringrose

STAR: Garry Ringrose

STAR: Garry Ringrose

Former Leinster out-half Andrew Dunne has reminded everyone of how fickle sport can be.

He focused in on how Garry Ringrose had dropped behind Robbie Henshaw and Chris Farrell during the Six Nations as the centre made his way back from syndesmosis of the ankle. 

“We are all guilty of having short memories. It suddenly seemed like Ringrose was the forgotten man,” he said, on Newstalk’s Off The Ball.

In addition, Dunne did not shy away from comparing the 23-year-old to the man no one wants to be compared to in Irish rugby.

“I just think he’s got a bit of X-Factor, a quality about his game that other people don’t have, both in the Leinster and Irish set-up. 

“His ability to beat defenders, his ability to distribute the ball well, his defence, his course, his work rate, he’s got an all-round package that’s very O’Driscoll-esque.

“I just think he’s a super player and, amazingly, we nearly forgot about him for a couple of weeks there.”

Leinster will need Ringrose to be at his absolute best in what will be a razor’s edge contest. While the English club will have to worry about Ringrose, Leinster will have to be on guard against Owen Farrell, presuming his quad injury clears up.

Dunne views Farrell for Saracens as a different proposition than for England.

“I suspect in the Saracens colours he has more executive control,” he said.

“I think their game is built around Farrell. In the England side, there are too many protagonists to have a focus inwards towards Farrell.”

He then expressed the valid opinion about how Farrell’s club eminence mirrors that of Ireland’s main man.  “The way Sexton’s star has grown at Leinster has been in the way the game has revolved around Johnny, for the right reasons. He controls exactly what they do in all areas of the field.”

The same goes for Farrell.

  • Champions Cup, Leinster v Saracens, (Live BT Sport 2, Sun KO 3.30)