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D'Arcy intends to remain one-club pro


THOSE were the days ...

"The one and only time that I dealt with a French club, the Union made an offer in the space of about three days. And that was it," said Gordon D'Arcy.

The Wexford man's loyalty to his club, his province has always been at the core of his decision to last it out as a one-club professional.

His final contract is apparently on the way: "Hopefully, that should be done in the next week. That should be it then. I'm not going anywhere," he said.

Further to that, D'Arcy, in his own words, can count "on one finger" how long he has left in the game.

This would seem to suggest the Wexford centre is looking to conclude his Leinster career at the end of next season, perhaps looking for a clause to carry on to the 2015 World Cup, should he be needed.

Right now, D'Arcy is comfortable in his skin, too wise to get tangled up in the very public arena of contract debate, too old to care really.

"You are going to have an innate sense of whether you want to stay or whether you want to go. Something I've learned is how you are valued changes. Three bad games and your value goes down.

"Your perception and the IRFU's perception and Leinster's perception, to get all those perceptions together is pretty hard. That is what contract negotiations are all about.

"There is more to sport than money. The French game, the English game, you play more games.



"Your career is going to be shorter if you go there."

At the moment, though, D'Arcy is looking no further ahead than to Castres on Sunday and to experiencing, once again, the strange culture in France.

The tendency for French teams to come under pressure from their own fans has always been a point of intrigue for the Wexford man.

"The crowd are always an interesting add-on to games over there because they pretty much support who is winning," he said.

"You go down there and put it up to the home team and you can sometimes turn the crowd back on their home team.

"It gives you a little taste of what the Top 14 is. It is big and physical and every time I have played against French teams you walk away and know that you have been in a dogfight."

Same again on Sunday.