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Conan out to slay Dragons and impress Schmidt

LEINSTER'S Jack Conan wants to go to the 2015 World Cup.

"If I just keep on going the way I am, and take on board what Joe (Schmidt) said and improve, I might be on the plane come September and October," said the Irish Wolfhound.

The English Saxons came to Musgrave Park and Conan was shown exactly where he stands in terms of his development, how far he has come, how far he has to go.

"It was a good learning curve and showed me the areas I need to improve on if I want to go to that level," he said. "I think I performed a way that was a bit unbecoming of how I had played through the duration of the season."

The time at Camp Ireland out in Carton House opened Conan's eyes to what could be his future.

"It makes you realise that's where you want to be and what you want to aspire to," he said.


Conan does have the advantage of returning to Leinster to play four straight games, starting out against The Dragons this Sunday in the RDS (3.0).

"There's less people training with us every day, so you get to run more and you get to play a bit more and get your detail a bit better.

"It does help you understand your role for the game a lot better when there's less numbers around."

It falls on the shoulders of those left behind to ensure Leinster stay in the Top-4, maybe even bridge the three-point gap to leaders The Ospreys.

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