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Byrne's UCD hoping to shake off uncertainty

Dublin University v UCD, Donnybrook, Tonight 7.30.

UCD's director of rugby, Bobby Byrne, will be expected to make good on his club's superior place in the hierarchy of Irish rugby when they assume the role of favourites against Trinity in the 62nd Colours Match tonight.

The problem for College is that they have let a swift start to the season fade into an inconsistent recent past where they are not entirely sure of what they will produce week to week.

At one point, they led the field in Division 1A. At this point, they are to be found in a mediocre seventh. Confidence cannot be all that high. Ed Byrne, Liam Hyland and Donagh Lawlor are due for their first 'Colours'. Trinity would be in the right place to take advantage of this, were it not for their own problems, near the foot of Division 1B. George Walsh will make his debut for Trinity in the front row as Martin Kelly is lost to injury.

In other words, the history of this one-off has been littered with surprises and the unimpressive form of both clubs radiates an air of uncertainty over it.