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Boost for Blues as Fergus McFadden wants to extend stay


Fergus McFadden

Fergus McFadden

Fergus McFadden

Fergus McFadden has compared the expectation levels at Leinster to that football club in the north of England.

You know the one.

"It's not easy, I suppose, the brand that Leinster hass become over the past five or so year.

"Winning is sometimes not good enough," he said.

"It's a bit like Manchester United in their heyday, you have to win by two or three goals".

With great achievements come great expectations, one feeding the other until the trophy cabinet is bulging. And where do you go from there? It's simple really. You just keep on winning in the style your supporters have become accustomed to.

"Admittedly, at times we haven't put teams away this season, but that win against Ulster was really, really good," he said.

"From a physical point of view, I thought we really dominated them at times.

"That's a starting point for us and when it works our structure, set-piece and phase-play will come from that.

"I think overcomplicating things can sometimes be your worst enemy," he offered.

"You hear coaches and the best players talking about doing the basics really well.

"If you can do them better than the opposition, then you'll be in a good place."

There is where the fracture comes when those that have spun the magic have moved off the stage or those left are in the casualty ward.


McFadden was back on the wing against Ulster and that is an area that is stocked with talent.

He has been mentioned as a long-term alternative to a certain outside centre too.

"Definitely, Drico pretty much owned the jersey for years and there was all of this talk about who is going to fill it, who will replace him," he imparted.

The clouds could be disappearing as Luke Fitzgerald has made a silk purse out of his recent showings at thirteen where his physicality and fizzing feet have been evident.

"It's nice for Luke that he's had the game time consistently there to get used to it.

"With a number thirteen, he's like a number ten for the outside backs.

"He's trying to bring you into the game as much as possible and make use of the outside space.

"In fairness to Lukey, he had a good game at the weekend and he's come into his own there."

The names are beginning to come back into the picture.

"Dave Kearney's back fit. I'm fit. Ben Te'o's back from his broken arm, Rob Kearney's probably back this week.

"It's the closest to a full deck of cards that we've had all season, so consistency-wise from there it will be nice for Matt (O'Connor) to pick from everyone he has."

There is the considerable matter of his contract to be ironed out.

Although he admits there is nothing set in stone just yet, he does't want to go anywhere else.

"I love Leinster, yeah. It's a great club. It's been great to me. I've made some good friends, so of course I would (like to stay).

"There's always curiosity about going abroad, going to a different set-up, but it's very hard to leave this set-up at the moment."