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Belvo give 'opposites' a try

AN 'Interesting' game of rugby is one way to describe the events of December 17 when Old Belvedere ladies opted to learn rugby from their team-mates' perspective.

The idea came on a weekend away at a Leinster v Ulster ladies interprovincial match in Belfast after a friendly debate on positioning sparked the idea for 'Opposites Day'.

Taking the words for the orchestrator: "A swopsies match to be played across the squad. A chance for girls in the pack to channel their inner BOD. And for speedy backs to master their technique in the scrum."

From the kick-off, the forwards were not gaining much ground as they attempted to sidestep their opposition and the backs were determined to look for contact.

At half-time there was a chance to regroup. The new front rows were complaining of sore shoulders and their jerseys being dirty and the new back threes were cold and frustrated having never touched the ball.

New tactics were agreed and as the second half kicked off both teams were eager to increase their five-points hauls.

Unfortunately on the night the weather had detrimental effects causing uncharacteristic handling errors from both teams.

Players were not used to playing in such dry, mild conditions.

The referees whistle went and the final score was 5-10 to the whites. The old rugby saying of the forwards win the match and the backs determine by how much was not applicable in this match.