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Rooney: United won't panic

WAYNE Rooney believes that cool heads will carry Manchester United to the Premier League title and he has reassuring words for jittery fans: "We won't panic."

Manchester United go head-to-head with Spurs on Sunday on a big weekend for the title race, with Liverpool and Arsenal scrapping over Champions League ambitions tomorrow. And Rooney is confident that he and his teammates have enough experience to cope with any situation now.

“When I was a young lad and first at the club we might have been losing a game 1-0 or 2-1 and I'd have been saying ‘Just put the ball in the box' and panicking a bit about losing,” said Rooney.

“Now I'm older and more experienced you know to just keep playing your game because there's always a chance you'll get an opportunity to score. I think that comes from playing so many games and the experience you pick up along the way.

“You know you have to be strong mentally to play at your best. We just need to keep focused, keep working hard and hopefully we'll get our rewards.”