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Rock Bottom

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI is not for turning. In a rambling and incoherent press conference this morning he dismissed any suggestion of resignation.

Asked whether his system failed in Euro 2012 or his players, Trapattoni was typically garbled in his response, but appeared to suggest that he would look at new systems and new players in August when he reassembles his squad.

“We build a team with the system, we have an idea about the system,” he said.

“Maybe in August, we will follow the other players. It's not the players and maybe they give us the possibility to do this.

“But they have the habit for this system.

“If I tell the truth it seems like I want to humiliate people. I don't want to do this, because I am proud to be here in this euro with this team. We lost and the manager accepts the defeat,” he added.

Trapattoni believes that his senior players will stay: “We need them to help the young and I think they will stay. They have the experience we need to help the young.”