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Reid: I'll return if I'm needed

STEVEN REID is feeling the benefits of his early retirement from international football but if an emergency call went out from Giovanni Trapattoni next summer, he would strongly consider a u-turn.

"Would I come back? At this moment in time, probably not. Next summer, if there were a few injuries and they were in desperate need, then you never know," said Reid.

The victim of one of Trapattoni's intemperate verbal outbursts, Reid was shuffled out of the Ireland squad in less than dignified circumstances and with claims from his international manager that his career was all but over still ringing in his ears.

"I've started 14 games on the spin, which is more than I've done for quite a while. At the moment I'm delighted with that and the fact I'm staying fit," Reid said.

Given Reid's history of serious and almost career ending knee problems, his latest run of appearances has proved everyone, including Trapattoni, wrong.

"I think retiring from international football has helped me. With international football I would have had another four, five or six games and instead I get the chance to recover," he said.

"I think it's helped. If I had had those games in midweek and been flying back from the other side of Europe to play in the Premier League it would have been a tough ask. I made the decision to prolong my club career and at the moment it's going really well."