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Pupils honour Fab Faughs folklore

THE famous Faughs are 130 years old. History on every inch of their clubhouse walls at Tymon. Dublin's masters of the ash.

The club ran a competition with the local schools to create 'A History of Faughs'. The pupils (pictured, right) fully embraced the project. They enjoyed going back through the pages.

They spent hours at the task. It was a labour of love. But it wasn't really a labour at all. Lovely projects were produced. A big opening night saw the children as the stars of the show.

Their efforts were put on display in the clubhouse. All marvelled at the exhibition. The initiative strengthened the connection between the schools and the club.

It helped the pupils appreciate the wonderful history of Faughs. It brought to life the daring deeds of their great players and the folks that began the story.

The projects unearthed a treasure-trove of gems, and painted a picture of many more sunny days to come.