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President's appeal for greater support

THE sliotar has been spinning for 110 years. Plenty of history there.

The Association has had many Presidents. One of the best of them all is Aileen Lawlor - a Dub.

Aileen continues to do a marvellous job in high office as women's sport begins to get a bigger profile.

But, sadly, even on the salad days, the crowds don't come.

As last month's All-Ireland Camogie final clearly showed.

You have Katie Taylor, the women's rugby team, the soccer girls and the Cork lady footballers all helping to highlight the heroics of the females.

Katie brought the country to a standstill on that famous August day in London, but, for the most part, women's sport carries on far away from the headlines, and even further from the din of the ExCeL Arena.

Aileen declares that the women and camogie folk have to support their own. That's where it all starts.

In Dublin, the camogie championship season is beginning to bubble. Wouldn't it be fabulous if these games were played out in front of teeming terraces.

Atmosphere can inspire. The players deserve it. The sport deserves it. Aileen Lawlor deserves it.